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IR and ACC: No cheques from 1st March

Inland Revenue and ACC will no longer accept payments by cheque. Here’s what you need to know.

What: Inland Revenue and ACC will no longer accept payments by cheque or any cheques dated 1 March or later. ACC levy refunds will also no longer be issued by cheque.

When: 1 March 2020

Who: Businesses, individuals, and intermediaries (such as accountants, tax agents and advisors) who pay tax and levies by alternative payment options.

Why: Cheque use has declined year on year. Along with IR and ACC, many organisations, like Kiwibank, are no longer accepting or processing cheques as they move towards electronic payments.

What you need to do: Familiarise yourself with the following payment options for IR and ACC. You can pay:

  • electronically through internet banking or direct debit

  • by debit or credit card online through myIR or MyACC for business

  • by cash or eftpos but only at Westpac bank branches.

Do you have more questions about payment options for IR and ACC? Visit Inland Revenue’s website for more information. We’re moving on from cheques — Inland Revenue Or contact ACC by phone at 0800 222 776 for employers or 0508 426 837 for self-employed people. You can also email ACC at

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