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Employers: Get ready for upcoming ACC levies

ACC levy invoices for employers will be sent from 9 July. Update your details on MyACC for Business now to get ready.

What you need to do

ACC levy invoices for employers will be sent from 9 July. Check that your invoice is correct by signing in or logging into MyACC for Business to manage your levy account.

On MyACC for Business you can:

  • log in with RealMe, Google or Microsoft

  • set up payment plans

  • update your details

  • see how much you owe

  • download current and past invoices

  • view payment history

  • view reports about work-related employee claims

  • give feedback to ACC.

What you need to do if you don't have staff

If you are self-employed with no staff, you most likely won’t receive a levy invoice this year (unless you have arranged to be on CoverPlus Extra or have stopped trading). This is because ACC has changed the way it calculates the levies for those on the standard Coverplus cover. Instead of paying for levies in advance, you’ll pay for levies based on your actual earnings from Inland Revenue, meaning you should expect your next levy invoice in mid-2020.

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